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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Another big ugly bites the dust
  Posted  May 2, 2010  by NapalmDawn

On Thursday of this week, NERV and Mutiny got their speed back in 25 man ICC and got back into the upper wings again on the first night. We'd had a few slow nights recently and it was good to have our old speed back.

After beating Fester again, we saw we still had a good amount of time left so we decided to wander over to Rotface. We actually hadn't tried him yet on 25 but a lot of us had been wondering what it
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  World of Warcraft -- The NERVous Horde Recruitment
  Posted  April 29, 2010  by NapalmDawn
If you are here for WoW recruitment, register and login. Once that is done, you can click here WoW Recruiting to fill out an application.
  World of Warcraft -- Festergut 25-still ugly as sin
  Posted  April 9, 2010  by NapalmDawn

In our first night of attempting him since trying it with Parabola, NERV and Mutiny beat down 25 man Festergut last night. We almost one shotted him but hit the enrage timer with 6% health left on him.

The group went through ICC25 last night as fast as the previous week. We had decided to hit up the frost giant weekly last time. This week, we got the free badge from Sister and decided to spend the remaining time
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  World of Warcraft -- Time for the healers to play God
  Posted  March 26, 2010  by NapalmDawn

This week has been pretty bad thanks to the small patch we had on Tuesday. We raided that night but were slowed terribly due to the high pings and
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  World of Warcraft -- The three princes don't want to give you flowers
  Posted  March 19, 2010  by NapalmDawn

So go ahead now.... God I hated that song yet I always think of it for this fight (yes I know it was TWO princes).

We'd tried the princes a few
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  World of Warcraft -- I've gone and made a 25 mess
  Posted  March 3, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Simply because of the fast flow of the raid, I did not snag individual screenshots plus we've had Marrow before.

This week so far is off on quite a high note. We nailed Rotface for the first time in 10 and then the night after, we roll into ICC 25 with Parabolla and get past Saurf and nail us an achievement too.

Don't be fooled however. Now is the time in which people have to gear and perform at the best of
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  World of Warcraft -- Rotface can rot in hell
  Posted  March 2, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Rotface has been vexing us for some time. We had actually tried him first when this wing was released. After a few attempts we focused on
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