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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Kingslayer wot? Kingslayer who?
  Posted  June 29, 2010  by NapalmDawn

NERV set a new high last night inside ICC 10. After several weeks of work (mostly Tues/Sun with some Mondays thrown in), NERV completed ICC 10 by
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  World of Warcraft -- Good news everybody! You kicked my ass!
  Posted  June 9, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Ahh good old professor. He taunted us mercilessly throughout the plague quarter. His two ugly as shit genetic experiments used to be somewhat challenging. Now, he along with his two farting guards are part of ICC history.

A few months ago, we tried Putricide one night after our first kill of Rotface. It was late and we didn't get to do much with him. Even though he was right there, we chose other paths in ICC
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  World of Warcraft -- As your magic betra *choke choke* SHUT UP!
  Posted  June 9, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Man. . . we're we tired of hearing this bitch. This is one boss in ICC 10 that we've put a lot of time into. It is also one that is likely
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  World of Warcraft -- The NERVous Horde stifles one of ICC's annoying women
  Posted  May 19, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Last week, we went into ICC looking to do more of the usual. Kill everything we touched and grab some loot. We killed the Blood Princes very
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  World of Warcraft -- Another 25 man boss down
  Posted  May 3, 2010  by NapalmDawn

So this week has been a real solid week for raiding. First, on Tuesday, Ache led a 10 man past all the bosses we've currently killed. All 8 10 man bosses died which is quite a solid feat to have that speed. Then on Thursday, the 25 man group went and killed Fester again and managed to nab our first kill of Rotface. Already happy with that progression, we went back in tonight and killed the poofy, twilight princes
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  General -- NERV MEET 2010
  Posted  May 2, 2010  by Old Git
It is with some regret and some relief that I announce that, I will NOT be organising the MEET this year. The majority of responses were in the negative due to financial constraints making it impossible to put deposits in place. I will be putting my efforts in to negotiating for 2011
  World of Warcraft -- Another big ugly bites the dust
  Posted  May 2, 2010  by NapalmDawn

On Thursday of this week, NERV and Mutiny got their speed back in 25 man ICC and got back into the upper wings again on the first night. We'd had a few slow nights recently and it was good to have our old speed back.

After beating Fester again, we saw we still had a good amount of time left so we decided to wander over to Rotface. We actually hadn't tried him yet on 25 but a lot of us had been wondering what it
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