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  Lava worm goes splut -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 4, 2011  by 
Since slightly before Christmas, we've been bouncing around trying to figure out what will be our first target for Cata raiding. We've mostly been working inside TwiBast but we had gone over to BWD during our first night of raid exploring. The trash beat us up but we figured it out at the end. Sadly, after knowing how to handle the trash, we called it a night and never killed them.

On Sunday, we poked our head back into TwiBast to continue working on Halfus. We fought on 10, fought him on 25 and decided we really like 25 better. For Sunday though, we only went in with 10. While the group was not a BAD group, it was hurting for ranged AOE. This made doing the whelps an issue and we decided to give up on him pretty quickly. While slightly discouraging to pack up and go before we could really try the lessons we learned from 25 man, it enabled us to have more time over in BWD. I left the raid due to Time Warner's lovely prime time ping issues also.

The 10 man was able to handle the BWD trash going to Magmaw now that we knew what we were doing with it. The group started working on him and did very well right from the get go. Unlike Halfus, the raid seemed to adapt to the fight quicker and get better results. Spearheaded by Ache's work on the parasite adds, the group did pretty well in getting Magmaw down. After some initial tank snafus were fixed, the tank swapping during the Magmaw OMNOMS was handled and we dropped him for our first Cata raid boss kill outside of the Tol Barard PVP boss. Cloth pants and the two handed mace dropped for us.
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