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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Looking to app with us? Here's our progression!
  Posted  October 26, 2010  by NapalmDawn
Currently The NERVous Horde is-
Generating Starcallers and Kingslayers. We are working on Ulduar 10 drake achievements (all completed minus One Light).

10 man ICC-12/12
10 man heroic ICC-10/12
25 man ICC-10/12
25 man heroic ICC-1/12
10 man Hallion-1/1

10 man ToC-5/5
10 man ToGC-5/5 with Insanity
25 man ToC-5/5

10 man Ulduar-12/13 w/ Algalon
10 man Ulduar drake-all but Yogg
25 man Ulduar-7/12

Once you register for an account, visit this link - http://www.nerv-clan.com/forums/index.php?f=91 to apply
  World of Warcraft -- Two new bosses for 25 man ICC
  Posted  October 20, 2010  by NapalmDawn

After skipping last week due to patch night, NERV and WaP returned to ICC 25 man last night for the first time with the new lockout system. The way
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  World of Warcraft -- 
  Posted  October 16, 2010  by NapalmDawn

From back in the day when ICC was new, this guy was the original hurdle. As time went by, we progressed to the point where Saurfang was nothing but a speed bump in the road. Killing him pretty much 99% of the time without a mark going out.

On the night after the patch, we got to him and was stuck in combat due to some weird bug Poca caused. We were unable to take it off heroic from lootship so we decided to fight
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  World of Warcraft -- The NERVous Horde destroys the universe
  Posted  October 7, 2010  by NapalmDawn

In only our second hour of trying him, NERV
killed Algalon tonight. Last week, we tried him for the first time. We'd heard for a little bit that he should be easier than LK due to having less phases but the guy still hits pretty hard.

When we tried him last week, it was a learning experience. We got adjusted to using the black holes and properly creating them without too much damage going out. We did very
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  World of Warcraft -- Anub burrows no more-TOGC 10
  Posted  August 13, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Well . . FINALLY. We've put quite a bit of effort into this guy. We've worked on him in heroic mode on and off for months. A group of us went in there last week and stopped on Twins. We had a horrible setup on the PVP bosses. It took me dumping my tank for my pally mostly just to keep the warlock puppy feared. The stupid thing kept interrupting our healers making it a complete nightmare. We dusted off that ID
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  World of Warcraft -- Heroics a plenty
  Posted  July 16, 2010  by NapalmDawn
Since grabbing the Kingslayer title almost two weeks ago, NERV has steadily and realistically been chipping away at the heroic ICC bosses. The heroic system is perfectly implemented for Icecrown. You simply need a Kingslayer in the group, make them lead and have a switch from normal to heroic. Trash is unaffected but the bosses themselves go into heroic mode.

Bosses set to heroic in ICC present unique challenges with varying degrees of difficulty. Some introduce new mechanics while others are just simply harder but stay within the confines of what you know. So far we've attempted heroic Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Lootship, Festergut, Sindragosa and Blood Queen. I think we also
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  World of Warcraft -- One dead Barneyasaurus Rex-check
  Posted  July 7, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Finally, after all the hubbub on patch night when we didn't have Hallion available. After all the complaining and screaming when he was patched into servers on a night when the majority of servers were down (including ours), Hallion is finally dead.

This purpley-pink drake hides himself in the middle of the Ruby sanctum until you beat all his little cronies first. This messed up many people when the first went in
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