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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- On the wings of maybe, downy birds of prey.
  Posted  April 12, 2013  by NapalmDawn

There was no maybe about it, Ji'Kun died a horrible, flappy, regurgitating death for the second time this week. Would be better to say
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  World of Warcraft -- Who needs Hercules?
  Posted  April 3, 2013  by NapalmDawn

We don't need him to sear off the heads of this hydra.

A few weeks ago, at the end of March, we started our 2nd week of working on this multi-headed annoyance. This boss is a symphony of chaos as you're constantly dodging stuff on the ground and it's a giant crap shoot as to which pattern of heads works best for your raids. I've found tanks have it fairly easy aside from remembering which head to go to when the pattern switches. We got pretty deep into the rampages on some attempts but that 5th and 6th ones were hurting us just enough to make that last
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  World of Warcraft -- See the turtle of enormous girth...
  Posted  March 20, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Kicking his turtle friends with our boots, on Sunday night he died and dropped the loots.

Over the weekend, we managed to remove the imposing Tortos from blocking our path further into the cave area of the Throne of Thunder. IN between Thursday's and Sunday's attempts, the idea had come up to try and two heal the fight. This style adds an extra DPS on the boss and some extra on the bat adds. I started off working on the bats again but my once every 2 minutes self heal wasn't helping the ranged healer keep me above the danger zone with those bats doing a
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  World of Warcraft -- Have we gotten Gara'jal off our backs now?
  Posted  March 15, 2013  by NapalmDawn

God I hope so. It wasn't enough that I we beat him in MV both on heroic and normal but he has to reappear in ToT and give us more shit. This time around, Gara'jal is dead but is trying to help a few troll, tribe leaders put the hurt on us. Putting the hurt on us they did for a little bit but we got our revenge this week.

The council of of troll annoyances in TOT is the third fight in. It features 4 different
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV suckles some giant dino loot teat.
  Posted  March 8, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Oh come on. You're thinking it just like me. It looks like he's nursing the raid with his phat lewts including our first Thunderforged item.

So this was going to be an interesting kill. Much like Morchok in DS, it seemed we kinda rolled over Jin'Rokh the Monkey Troll. We all kinda thought-wow this wasn't so bad. We then encountered some of the weirdest trash we'd ever seen with invincible ghosts pushing us off into space...winds pushing us off into space..bushes full of surprise snake rape kind like Uld's Mexican pinata worm piles. We then entered into
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  World of Warcraft -- 1 week, 2 heroic bosses.
  Posted  January 21, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Last raid week, NERV got up to Sha fairly quickly in Terrace. We did a little work on him but realized he's still going to be a pain. With HoF cleared, Terrace cleared up to what we wanted, there was only one thing left to do. Progress!

NERV packed the van up and headed over to MSV to try some heroics out. On the first night, heroic dogs were killed fairly easily and we moved onto Feng. Feng proved to be a stumbling block as our tactics were slightly off and he came out victorious. On Sunday night, we went back at him with some strats revised and a
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  World of Warcraft -- Who needs bosses on normal? We do it elite mode.
  Posted  January 13, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Since we ended last week with an empress kill, this week was all about Terrace. When we killed the Empress, we immediately traipsed over to
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