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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Interested in The NERVous Horde?
  Posted  January 25, 2010  by NapalmDawn
After registering for an account, click this link to get to our recruiting forums. http://www.nerv-clan.com/forums/index.php?f=91

If you need help or would like to talk online, login to Bloodhoof horde side and do a /who nerv Ask a member if Druidicus happens to be online.
  World of Warcraft -- Festergut gets kicked in the teeth
  Posted  January 25, 2010  by NapalmDawn

I'm not exactly sure which mouth we used to kick his teeth in but we certainly picked one and stuck with it.

We worked on him briefly when this
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  World of Warcraft -- Now playing:Sartharion 3D in IMAX
  Posted  January 10, 2010  by NapalmDawn

Another great moment during our anniversary month, we finally nailed 3D. We probably have done more work on this than just about any other boss in
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  World of Warcraft -- The NERVous Horde turns 5 this month!
  Posted  January 1, 2010  by NapalmDawn
Through many trials and tribulations over the years, NERV will celebrate the new year by turning 5 on January 18th. Although officially starting in the late months of 2004, NERV's official charter date goes into effect on the 18th.

What started originally as some UT series people rolling on Bloodhoof shortly after WoW went live, we went from a group of people hanging out in a channel, to raiding instances like UBRS, Strath and Scholo, forging an alliance with ET, breaking off for our own 40 mans, and trekking along from there through TBC and WOTLK. We closed out TBC on a high note, leveled through WOTLK and arrived where we are today being one of 'Hoof's oldest, consistent and most
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  World of Warcraft -- 2 great tastes that taste great together
  Posted  December 28, 2009  by NapalmDawn
  General -- Seasons greetings
  Posted  December 24, 2009  by Old Git
  World of Warcraft -- If you could see me now! I'm on a boat.
  Posted  December 20, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Warning-flippy floppies are not recommended footwear for this fight. The rocket pack tends to burn them. Also, there are no dolphins and
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