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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Level 25=check
  Posted  April 29, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Thanks to a fast kill on the council in Throne of the 4 Winds and Halfus in Twilight Bastion, NERV achieved the level 25 guild rank last night. Several of us that are exhalted with the guild now have scorpion mounts and we have access to the 10 minute mass rez feature. Congrats to NERV!
  World of Warcraft -- NERV's recruitment needs
  Posted  April 19, 2011  by NapalmDawn
Our current needs are as follows:

1 tank-pally preferred.
Healers-all types. High need of a geared holy paladin
Selective DPS-
- High need -
Shadow priest
Elemental shaman
Enhancement shaman
- Medium need -
Death knight
- Closed -
Ret paladin

  World of Warcraft -- Al'Akir gets jihaded
  Posted  March 11, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Ahh yes. The avatar of wind. The sultan of aerial slams. The poobah of wind poofs. The dickhead of the doldrums. He was next on our hitlist after beating his 3 little cronies and making out with a 50/50 usage of the random drops those guys have. We've mostly ignored Nef but have been putting time in on Cho'Gall and Al'Akir for a bit. The majority of our "end boss" time has been on Al. Despite some absolutely
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  World of Warcraft -- Interested in recruiting?
  Posted  March 2, 2011  by NapalmDawn
Hi there. If you are interested in recruiting with us, here are some steps.

1-Register for an account on the forums. Some free e-mails are blocked due to spam. If you have issues registering, try a different account. If you only have access to ones that are blocked, find Druidicus/Shazamshaman/Dethcowess on Bloodhoof and I will unlock the block temporarily.
2-Visit our WOW recruiting forums here Post your app using the template provided at the top in a sticky to create your app.
3-If you have any issues, message any of the toons listed above. If they are not on, feel free to send an in game mail to Druidicus or do a /who nervous
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  World of Warcraft -- Up next on the Chimaeron Feud!
  Posted  February 24, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Poor Finkle. He went and got himself in the belly of yet another big ugly. First it was the beast in UBRS. This time, it was one ugly hydra with 2 heads and a crazy claw arm where a third head should be.

Being nice folks that we are, we decided to liberate Finkle from his intestinal prison. We'd been working on Chim a bit over the last few weeks and we'd been getting him down to about the half way mark the
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  World of Warcraft -- By your powers combined-oops we're dead
  Posted  February 19, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Earth, wind, water and fire! Ground spikes, tornadoes, gravity crushes and . . ahh shut up already.

TAC is the next to the last boss in
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV gets blown
  Posted  February 4, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Well it's hard to say if WE got blown. We did . . sort of. We also blew back . blew ourselves right into 7/12 Cata content and 3 new bosses
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