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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Starting the New Year off right
  Posted  January 16, 2017  by NapalmDawn
Our first raid back after the Christmas break saw us not only blowing past everything in normal TOV but also getting our first kill on heroic Odyn and NEARLY getting heroic Guarm down right after that. We're talking 3 lousy percent and that was only our third try or so. We're definitely exited for Nighthold to drop and give us something new. If you're here to recruit with us, make sure you register, sign in and then visit this link - http://www.nerv-clan.com/forums/index.php?f=91
  World of Warcraft -- NERV gets a Merry Christmas!
  Posted  December 22, 2016  by NapalmDawn

In a nice early Xmas gift to us, we managed to accomplish both of our goals before the raid break. We'd been hoping to close out both of the active raids and we did that in back to back nights this week. Hopefully when the Xmas raid break ends, we can start working on heroic Odyn. Great job
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  World of Warcraft -- The mightmare is almost at an end
  Posted  December 10, 2016  by NapalmDawn

  World of Warcraft -- We've been to Vietguarm. Seen things. Wouldn't recommend it!
  Posted  November 17, 2016  by NapalmDawn

We killed our second boss in Trials of Valor last night and it is the hydra from Helya's domain of Helheim. He's an interesting Heigan style DDR fight but with a twist. You don't avoid the brightly colored splashes but instead you must sit in them. The fun of it comes from consistently jumping in the RIGHT splash. After that, you need to avoid Guarm when he gets all pissy and runs around in a tantrum. Once we got used to that tantrum phase, he went down pretty easy. We're holding off on
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  World of Warcraft -- 2 progression bosses dead this week
  Posted  October 23, 2016  by NapalmDawn

  World of Warcraft -- Emerald Nightmare complete and one heroic down!
  Posted  October 8, 2016  by NapalmDawn

All in one night, NERV finished off the last 2 bosses on normal and notched our first kill on heroic. It was a fantastic night as the progression on Cenarius and Xavius was smooth like butter. Heroic Nyth also went pretty well once people stopped dying to bullshit.
  World of Warcraft -- A poke in the eye-one dead Il'gynoth
  Posted  October 3, 2016  by NapalmDawn

I feel like we killed an old god. The C'thun and Yogg flashbacks are real. Despite the rough time we had with this "thing" the first week we ran into him, we plowed through him pretty easy this week when we shored up some of our mishaps on the tactics part of the fight. Once a few rough edges were fixed, we were good as gravy.
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