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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- The night they drove ol' Domo down
  Posted  September 21, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Well he's not the REAL domo. We did that one 5 years ago. This domo is Ragnaros' new bodyguard, the corrupted flame druid known as Majordomo
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  World of Warcraft -- Got 5 on it
  Posted  September 7, 2011  by NapalmDawn
The boss wall. We got 5 on it in one night.

While this may not seem like the most amazing feat in the world since you can do all of BWD (6) in a night and we did BOT+ToTFW all in one night (6) in one night. You have to take into account this is Firelands we're talking about which is not quite the steamroll of the current tier 11 content.

Proving the very well known fact that NERV soldiers on no matter what personnel changes take place (good, bad or happily desired in the current case), this was the first week we've pulled off all of our currently downed bosses in 1 night. This is a large step forward and one we hope to see as we push towards killing Domo and the inevitable
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  World of Warcraft -- Rhyolite-igneous, volcanic rock. Rhyolith-dead igneous volcanic rock lord
  Posted  August 15, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Rhyolith falls into NERV's drier, tumble cycle of early Firelands bosses. When first we entered into Firelands raiding, we focused heavily on Beth. At the time, most people felt Beth's AOE damage was a bit too much for the healers and their current gear. Focus shifted to Shannox which led to our first entry in the Firelands kill wall. After killing Shannox several times, we kept bouncing back and forth in terms of
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  World of Warcraft -- Whiskey tango foxtrot to base-the eagle has landed
  Posted  August 15, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Well over 30 attempts were put in on this particular boss and it has finally paid off. it didn't feel quite as high as 30+ because it was
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  World of Warcraft -- You....shall not pass! (But we did anyways)
  Posted  July 28, 2011  by NapalmDawn

After we killed Beth, we wondered what to do next. The thought of doing Rhy without G's cleaving ability didn't have me too happy. Gongos with
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  World of Warcraft -- In Arachnaphobia, fire was supposed to HURT the spider
  Posted  July 28, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Isn't fire supposed to HURT spiders? Then why is this bitch actually USING it? Why is she not scurrying around like crazy dying slowly? Okay
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  World of Warcraft -- Shh! Tip-toe across the dragon's corpse. He might hear you.
  Posted  July 22, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Unlike the Halfus kill which happened fairly quickly in terms of amount of attempts, Atramedes made it so we had a score to settle. We'd been
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