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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Taste the rainbow. Taste my foot in your ass.
  Posted  March 22, 2012  by NapalmDawn

Unlike most other heroics, for this one, we had some prior knowledge of how to take him down. Fern has been doing this guy for a few weeks with
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV kicks Trixxie in the taint and gets a Blazing
  Posted  March 9, 2012  by NapalmDawn

Wow. Certainly great to finally get back on the heroic track. We've been stalled at 1/8 for weeks and not for lack of trying either. We just
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  World of Warcraft -- Heroic Morchok-the boss that almost never was
  Posted  February 8, 2012  by NapalmDawn

Okay so yeah. This dude....A few weeks ago, we killed Deathwing. We were extremely happy with our kill of him. We felt the timing was pretty
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  World of Warcraft -- Deathwing gives us our 7th anniv. gift early
  Posted  January 13, 2012  by NapalmDawn

Exactly one month after our last kill in Dragon Soul (doesn't even seem that long ago), NERV went into DS this week and sent the destroyer of
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV finishes up week#2 with 7/8 dead in DS
  Posted  December 12, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Well would you look at that. The second full week of Dragon Soul ends with us getting Blackhorn on Thursday and Deathwing's spine on Sunday
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV ends week#1 in DS with 5/8
  Posted  December 5, 2011  by NapalmDawn

The first heavy challenge of the instance presented itself in the form of a twilight drake named Ultraxion. Despite whatever challenges other
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV rockets up to #14 on Bloodhoof
  Posted  November 30, 2011  by NapalmDawn

On the backs of our first night in Dragon Soul, NERV is currently the #14 guild overall on Bloodhoof and the fourth guild horde side. For the
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