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  First raid boss of Cata is dead -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 14, 2010  by 

While not what *everybody* would call a raid boss, it was still nice to get a jump on the game by killing Argaloth. He's a Brutalis style demon that sits in the PVP area of Tol Barard (Baradin Hold). Much like Wintergrasp, he is available when horde controls the zone. Not long after killing Yogg, a group of us went over there to try him out.

He is a pit boss style demon that has a high resemblance to Brutalis. He has a pretty strict enrage timer that means the group has to do a certain level of DPS. At two points in the fight, we go through something similar to the goo explosion on Rotface. After a few tried, we got the full mechanics of the fight down and pushed the DPS to a level good enough to kill him. Our first kill netted us some priest love and it also coutned for a guild kill on him.
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