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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Thy mana be purged!
  Posted  July 17, 2008  by NapalmDawn

This news post brought to you by NERV genius incorporated (reeeealll NERV geeeeniussss). We salute you mister raid leader who goes to MH without a fire resist tank for Antheron's infernals (raid leader who goes to MH without a fire resist tank!)

Yup ... Boy we got away with one this week. Tofu was late on Tues so we went to MH without him. We had Valth doing the pally tanking this week. We had heard, in an unconfirmed way, that Aneth was not spawning
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  World of Warcraft -- He farts, he blows bubbles, he dies.
  Posted  June 27, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Classified as one of the most healing intensive fights in all of SSC, we beat down the sea strider's ass last night and he begged for more.

Not exactly 5th in the order of bosses in SSC, we had been treating him as such. A lot of guilds will do Morogrim before Leo but NERV being NERV . . we decided to bang our heads against the annoying blind dude first. After clearing everybody out of the way the other night, we went back in last night to finish off the
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  World of Warcraft -- Leotheras is not blind, he's dead
  Posted  June 24, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Feels good to finally get this guy down and putting a good deal of work into him. It's been awhile since somebody was fairly challenging for us outside of bosses that bring out the random stupidity moments.

We'd been working on this guy for a little while now. He's been a touchy boss since the demon needs to be tanked by somebody with FR. We initially had Tofu working him the first time and it works out but slightly hinders the melee DPS. This week, we had
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  World of Warcraft -- One night with Karathress is all it takes
  Posted  June 20, 2008  by NapalmDawn

So we did SSC this week. Got Hydross and Lurker down and wasn't too sure what to do next. We didn't have a resist tank for Leo so we wandered over to Fathom Lord instead. I had seen strats on him before but never posted them up for some reason. I knew he gained the abilities of his adds once we killed them and that was about it.

Shortly before getting to Kara, ping in NC went into the toilet again causing Twotimes and I to lag out. Every time I tried to
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  World of Warcraft -- Void Reaver transform and roll out!
  Posted  June 20, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Much like Mag . yeah okay we've done him before. However this was NERV's first solo kill on him after kicking his ass with HM and later Funkytown. The first 2 attempts on the night were not good but the third attempt was nearly flawless. Aside from me running from 2 orbs right into a pounding, the majority of people stayed alive and we beat the enrage timer by quite a bit.

  World of Warcraft -- Okay so it's not news exactly but . . .
  Posted  June 16, 2008  by NapalmDawn

. . in a way it is. You may find it odd to see another news item about Mag. You might think, "We've been killing him for months. What gives?" You're absolutely correct. We have been killing him for months . . with Funkytown. Late last week we had our first solo kill on Mag.

Sadly, inner strife with Funkytown caused the guild to split up a bit. Some members have gone elsewhere and some have come here to NERV. We welcome the Funkytown raiders we've been
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  World of Warcraft -- Everyrody! Rook out! It's Gazrirruh!
  Posted  June 2, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Okay so it's not Godzilla but it was one big feckin' fish.

We tried this guy back in the beginning of the FunkyNERV setting. We knew what to expect and it was apparent he was just one of those retard fights. Jump when you're told, duck when you're told and shoot stuff with the pewpew. After downing Hydross earlier in the week, we went back in for the next boss. The first night we made steady progress but small missteps ruined the attempts (including one at
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