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Nervous System -- News
  Joanna Dark approves -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 14, 2010  by 

NERV has been messing around with Ulduar since 2009. It was active content during that summer and we did fairly well with it. As soon as TOC came out however, we pretty much bid Ulduar a fine adieu and hardly ever went back. In recent months, we've decided to go back and generate things like Starcaller titles and finish up the achievements in there. We'd done very well in killing Algalon but Yogg still sat at the bottom of the whole instance, taunting us heavily.

The Yogg fight really has no major difference when doing it on "hard mode". You don't really do anything different, you simply get no help from the appreciative keepers you freed along the way. This is handy for learning the fight. The big issue with Yogg was split into guardian herpaderping and knowing the rest of the fight. It is some what complicated but our lack of knowledge of Yogg was never exposed since we rarely got past the guardians. Sunday night was very different. We actually looked like old pros at phase 1. Despite most of us being quite outgeared for the fight, you can still do things wrong. We handled phase 1 very well getting her out of it on each attempt. Once the right people began handling tentacles, things continued to get better.

After the brain group understood their job inside the brain, the fight continued to get better still. We finally got him into the last phase and got slightly surprised by the insanity beams dropping the sanity of the majority of the raid. The levels got too low and we lost control of a few people. Some people had to go due to the lateness of the hour and we swapped new folks in. The change plus the closeness of the previous attempt allowed us to finally kill him. The achievement spam went out and the loot dropped. In a prime example of Murphy's Law, Ache DCed before he could hand out the loot. A ticket managed to solve that and 10 people enjoyed their new drakes.
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