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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- NERV finishes up week#2 with 7/8 dead in DS
  Posted  December 12, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Well would you look at that. The second full week of Dragon Soul ends with us getting Blackhorn on Thursday and Deathwing's spine on Sunday
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV ends week#1 in DS with 5/8
  Posted  December 5, 2011  by NapalmDawn

The first heavy challenge of the instance presented itself in the form of a twilight drake named Ultraxion. Despite whatever challenges other
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV rockets up to #14 on Bloodhoof
  Posted  November 30, 2011  by NapalmDawn

On the backs of our first night in Dragon Soul, NERV is currently the #14 guild overall on Bloodhoof and the fourth guild horde side. For the
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  World of Warcraft -- Another week, another heroic boss
  Posted  November 12, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Last week we added Shannox to the growing wall of heroic bosses dying in Firelands. This week we killed him again (and MUCH easier) and we
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  World of Warcraft -- Fetch me a coffin-I'm dead
  Posted  November 2, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Alas poor Shannox we knew him well. Okay well, actually we didn't. We haven't really fought heroic Shannox a whole lot. It might seem that
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  General -- Interested in recruiting to NERV?
  Posted  October 23, 2011  by NapalmDawn
Then feel free to register for an account and visit our recruiting forums located here

We are interested in WoW players, SWTOR, World of Tanks, Rusty Hearts, BF3, and more. Simply post in the appropriate section (such as US/Canada, Euro or World of Warcraft) and somebody will respond shortly. Thanks!
  World of Warcraft -- And stay down!
  Posted  September 26, 2011  by NapalmDawn

Didn't we beat on this guy already? Oh that's right . we DID. Almost 5 years ago to the very day, NERV encountered Ragnaros for the first time as a guild alone. While NERV and ET had combined for many Domo kills, we never attempted Rag during out joint attempts. Once NERV went solo however, we hit Rag for the first time in September of 2006. Five years later, we were back staring at him again.

Much like bad
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