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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Black Temple is a Supreme Shade of its self
  Posted  October 26, 2008  by NapalmDawn

We went back into BT for the second time in as many weeks and decided to see how far we could get. We once again killed Najentus and with better execution this time than last week. Since it wasn't too late this time, we pushed on and got Supremus after a try or two. We did very well with minimal deaths and some pretty smart volcano dodging. After Supremus, we went in further and got up to Shade. We setup the strats, took care of the side adds and just blew
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  World of Warcraft -- Najentus didn't like us
  Posted  October 21, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Yeah yeah. Post nerf. I'm sure that's what detractors would say. Personally, I don't care. I believe we'd have gotten him anyways considering we did very well the first time we faced him. The point is, he died and he made with the phatties.

It took us 2 shots to down him that night. I think a lot of people were unaware of how to handle spines or thought they were too important to stop what they were doing and click. Poor TT was a pincushion as he sat
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  World of Warcraft -- Azgalor no more
  Posted  August 26, 2008  by NapalmDawn

You knew he was going to fall down. I mean you just knew it. 2 back to back one percent attempts on him earlier in the reset week let us know it was only a matter of time before his bulk would drop to the ground and last night proved us right.

We shot through the waves without too many issues and made it to Azg. A late MD and some remaining totems from me caused Azg to come up and cleave myself and Savage. This burned an ankh and brez but we still made a go
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  Team Fortress 2 -- New Division
  Posted  August 3, 2008  by Warrior_Saladin
Say hello to your new TF2 Captain... meeee!! Very

This is relatively a new division and we are aiming for it to grow in the coming days. look foreward to serious training sessions and matches, keep an eye out on the calender and the forums regularly as all news/updates will be posted here. Smile

Good luck and have fun aLL!
  World of Warcraft -- Thy mana be purged!
  Posted  July 17, 2008  by NapalmDawn

This news post brought to you by NERV genius incorporated (reeeealll NERV geeeeniussss). We salute you mister raid leader who goes to MH without a fire resist tank for Antheron's infernals (raid leader who goes to MH without a fire resist tank!)

Yup ... Boy we got away with one this week. Tofu was late on Tues so we went to MH without him. We had Valth doing the pally tanking this week. We had heard, in an unconfirmed way, that Aneth was not spawning
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  World of Warcraft -- He farts, he blows bubbles, he dies.
  Posted  June 27, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Classified as one of the most healing intensive fights in all of SSC, we beat down the sea strider's ass last night and he begged for more.

Not exactly 5th in the order of bosses in SSC, we had been treating him as such. A lot of guilds will do Morogrim before Leo but NERV being NERV . . we decided to bang our heads against the annoying blind dude first. After clearing everybody out of the way the other night, we went back in last night to finish off the
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  World of Warcraft -- Leotheras is not blind, he's dead
  Posted  June 24, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Feels good to finally get this guy down and putting a good deal of work into him. It's been awhile since somebody was fairly challenging for us outside of bosses that bring out the random stupidity moments.

We'd been working on this guy for a little while now. He's been a touchy boss since the demon needs to be tanked by somebody with FR. We initially had Tofu working him the first time and it works out but slightly hinders the melee DPS. This week, we had
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