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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- The fat lady sings....well, fat after the Sha gets in her.
  Posted  January 13, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Sing. Sing in ago....*hack wheeze cough*. After working on the Empress for a few nights, we finally shut her down last week. When we walked
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  World of Warcraft -- Amber is the color of a dead boss
  Posted  January 3, 2013  by NapalmDawn

So in the weeks surrounding our Christmas break, we've been putting up some solid kills. We finally put our collective boots down on the giant tick several weeks ago. After that, we had a fairly easy time with the Windlord and his Domo-style cronies. We set ourselves upon the Ambershaper but he gave us some issues.

We mostly seemed to have trouble with people doing what they needed to do while they were in
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  World of Warcraft -- Your friends suck, so we killed them all
  Posted  January 3, 2013  by NapalmDawn

  World of Warcraft -- A dead giant tick and more!
  Posted  January 3, 2013  by NapalmDawn

  World of Warcraft -- NERV disarms the Blade Lord-cracks the top 5
  Posted  December 1, 2012  by NapalmDawn

After coming close, but not close enough during the previous raid, NERV went back to face the Blade Lord in HoF on Thursday night and
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV serves up 2 pre-Thanksgiving turkeys
  Posted  November 29, 2012  by NapalmDawn
  World of Warcraft -- Edward isn't the only thing that sparkles when dead
  Posted  November 15, 2012  by NapalmDawn

Our good friend, the sparkly wheezy diabeetus dragon finally got his titan mater dematerialized last week and dropped a sparkly chest full of goodies for us.

After the easiness that was the Spirit Kings, Elegon presented himself as quite a challenge. The fight is just one of those ones where all things need to fire off in harmony to ensure a kill. Healing needs a little help where available and DPS needs to be
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