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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- We immersed ourselves in the most interesting kill ever
  Posted  September 11, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Right on patch night, NERV marched into the new Siege of Orgrimmar and began our trek to take out that assbag Garrosh. We rounded up everybody that was busy at the now EXTREMELY popular Timeless Isle and went into the new raid. With not a whole lot of trash in the way, the first boss Immerseus sat there before us ready to attacked.

With a strong idea of what we were facing on the fight, we started working on
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  World of Warcraft -- Looking to recruit with NERV? Click here
  Posted  August 12, 2013  by NapalmDawn

The NERVous Horde's WoW Recruiting Area

Simply click the above link and you will be taken into our recruiting area for World of Warcraft. Copy the stickied template and paste it into your own, new thread and answer the questions. Somebody will respond within 24 hours (usually less).
  World of Warcraft -- Rokhed Jin like a hurricane
  Posted  June 26, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Our first heroic boss after killing Lei Shen over a month ago proved to be quite the conquest. Not because he himself was particularly hard but mostly because of several personel shifts in recent weeks. We poked at him one week and made some progress. We got him almost to the 50% mark as we learned the fight and made adjustments in positioning especially during the storms. While we were certainly on an uphill
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  World of Warcraft -- Thunder King? More like Blunder King
  Posted  May 13, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Just barely over 2 months after its release, |NERV| stood over the corpse of the final boss in the Throne of Thunder raid. While this raid
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  World of Warcraft -- Forget 2 new bosses in a week-how about 2 in a night?
  Posted  April 30, 2013  by NapalmDawn
  World of Warcraft -- NERV purges a golem of its ill will towards us
  Posted  April 15, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Animus-a spiteful or ill will. Dark Animus-an even greater form of malevolence that lays dead at out feet.

Dark Animus was just one of three bosses in a string of kills during the last raid lock out we had. This evil blooded construct was seemingly not quite the challenge we expected it to be. Sure, we had our share of mess ups but every time we got the Dark Animus up and running, we felt he was quite squishy.
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  World of Warcraft -- 1 week, 2 bosses
  Posted  April 12, 2013  by NapalmDawn

Last week's reset saw us downing Ji'Kun to hit the halfway mark on normal mode ToT. Sunday night saw us squaring off against Durumu of the one
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