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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Cat lady gets evicted from her hovel
  Posted  July 2, 2009  by NapalmDawn

So this week saw some great progress as it was our first week of dedicating ourselves to real 25 man Uld work. We sort of had that slow,
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  World of Warcraft -- I got yer council right here buddy!
  Posted  July 2, 2009  by NapalmDawn

  World of Warcraft -- Disney boss takes another tumble
  Posted  June 30, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Sorry for the delay in posting. On Sunday night, we went in to do some further work on our open 25 man Uld ID. Our goal was to pass Kologarn and open up the rest of the basement to us. Even though the raid would reset in 2 days, we wanted to kill him for the first time and see what crazy cat bitch would be like.

Kologarn had been stonewalling us a few times in recent weeks. Things would go great for over 50% of
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  World of Warcraft -- Shove this in your furnace and smoke it.
  Posted  June 25, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Last week was the first time we attempted Ignis within a heroic Uld run. We tried mostly the zerg method we use for 10 man (now complete with
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  World of Warcraft -- Achievements galore night!
  Posted  June 17, 2009  by NapalmDawn
Last night, a 10 man group went into Ulduar with a huge mistake nobody noticed until we were about to face XT. New guy Bloomkin asks "Hey do we normally come in here with 2 healers?" Queue your fearless GM having a heart attack realizing he'd only booked 2 healers for the raid.

We decided to stick with the 2 healers (Bloomkin and Kendae) and see what we could do with it. We did amazingly well slicing through everything we faced and getting a number of high DPS related achievements such as

Stokin the Furnace
Must Deconstruct Faster
Nerf Engineering
Quick Shave
and more that several of us had already.

Great job clearing the required Uld bosses last night and a few
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  World of Warcraft -- New strat=one shot
  Posted  June 4, 2009  by NapalmDawn

A slight change in XT's strat for 25 man Uld resulted in a one shot kill on him last night. Not to say that it was easy, it sure wasn't. The attempt did result in a kill and the tanks did a great job of sorting out the mess when I died tanking XT,

  World of Warcraft -- Thorim gets the Rocky 3 treatment
  Posted  June 1, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Last week, after killing Hodir for the 2nd time and downing Freya, there was only one clear objective left. Thorim needed to quit enjoying his fancy little fighting pit and die. Unfortunately for us, he went Clubber Lang on us the first few rounds.

In going to Hodir, the trash was fairly easy once you understood there needs to be a tank swap. After a blissfully short hallway, we stood looking at the Hodir arena
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