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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Death in a whisper
  Posted  December 19, 2009  by NapalmDawn

2 bosses, 2 nights. Not too shabby. On Thursday night, we went back into ICC after downing Marrow the night before and set about working on Lady
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  World of Warcraft -- Mister spinny, whirly dervish guy
  Posted  December 17, 2009  by NapalmDawn

As NERV approaches our 5 year anniversary, we're greeted with a fresh, new instance and challenges to overcome.

Icecrown Citadel was released
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  World of Warcraft -- Giant, undead tick burrows no more
  Posted  October 23, 2009  by NapalmDawn

This boss definitely gave a solid sense of satisfaction that had been somewhat lacking in instances lately. Sure-the 10 and 25 PVP bosses did a great job of presenting a hump and getting over it. It is a different feeling with them though. Killing them feels like turning around and kneeing your arch-nemesis bully right in the nuts...over and over again. Killing Anub felt like killing something
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  World of Warcraft -- Two steps closer to completed 25 TOC
  Posted  October 20, 2009  by NapalmDawn
  General -- EURO Servers back on line
  Posted  September 25, 2009  by Old Git
There was a problem at the Maidenhead datacentre with the CISCO routers resulting in both the Dedi server and the ventrilo server being down from around 11pm 24th September.
It would appear that CSS Internet and Darkstar LLC both use the same service provider.
The situation appeared to be resolved at 15:15 on 25th September but went down again at 16:10. Currently all euro servers are down. I will update this information as I get it. All clear given at 03.00 26th September.
  World of Warcraft -- 10 man ToC completed
  Posted  September 14, 2009  by NapalmDawn

We used tonight to go ahead and resume work on the Twins. They were an easy enough fight conceptually but we seemed to have some issues with them
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  World of Warcraft -- Who says NERV can't PVP?
  Posted  September 10, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Lemme explain . . no lemme sum up. I honestly just didn't know what we'd ever do that would get us past "the PVP boss" aka the Faction Champs. It seemed simple enough when you watched the videos. Kill this blahblahblah. Kite that blahblahblah. Stun this, move that, crowd control this. There is no true written strat for it because you never know what you're going to face. As for the videos, they were all well and
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