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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Whoaaa we're half way there.
  Posted  April 14, 2017  by NapalmDawn

Shut up Bon Jovi. But seriously, we are. Half of heroic Nighthold down, half to go. Our next kill should be Botanist (got him to phase 3) and then from there, hopefully Tich and then Spellblade. After that, it's butt clenchy time.
  World of Warcraft -- Interested in recruiting?
  Posted  March 13, 2017  by NapalmDawn
Hello! If you're visiting the site with an interest to be recruited for our WOW guild, simply create an account on the website. After you create the account and log in, visit this thread - target='_blank'>

Copy the questions, start a new thread and then paste in the questions with your answers. It's that easy Very
  World of Warcraft -- First night in heroic NH-3 dead bosses
  Posted  March 10, 2017  by NapalmDawn

We cleared Skorp, Chromatic and Trilliax all in the first night of heroic Nighthold. We decided Kros would be the next boss but he proved to be a bit of a sticky point with the adds distracting people from beams. He'll die next time  
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  World of Warcraft -- Spoiler alert-Gul'dan dies in the end
  Posted  March 8, 2017  by NapalmDawn

On 3/2, NERV capped a pretty nice week inside the NIghthold. Weds saw us killing Elisandre for the first time and we started working on Gul'dan that night. While we cam really close (sub 20%) we couldn't put him away that night. We came back with fresh legs on Thursday expecting to kill him quick but we kept having issues. The expected one or 2 shots was not going as planned. Fortunately, we made a few small tweaks to lessen the raid damage and one of our healers who'd been DPSing
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  World of Warcraft -- Elisandre falls into the Nightwell
  Posted  March 2, 2017  by NapalmDawn

It took just 2 shots to push Elisandre out of the way of our path to Gul'dan and heroics. A lot of us were familiar with her from LFR and such so the fight was already fairly well known before we got to her. It really is a fairly easy fight but I bet it will be annoying as hell on heroic. Aside from a slow bubble popping right as the entire raid was headed for it, things went pretty smoothly the whole time and we did a really good job of killing her. We should have Gul'dan down
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV turns Botanist into mulch. Now 8/10
  Posted  February 23, 2017  by NapalmDawn

After a brief attempt on him a week ago, we rolled up to Botanist last night as our first boss of the night. Most of us are a bit more familiar with him now. Seker laid out the placement of the group and we took our first shot on him. It proved to be a disaster as the dispels were handled wrong (not that they knew) which got us over run by Dire Maul flashback plant attacks. Once we figured out the dispel component, the next attempt was super easy. It was a bit of a pain tanking
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  World of Warcraft -- Solid night in NH nets 2 more dead bosses
  Posted  February 13, 2017  by NapalmDawn

After getting slightly beat up by Star Aug in the past, we decided to hit up Tichondrius instead to see how that fight would go. We wound up one shotting that fight as it was fairly easy even though the later phases add some additional mechanics. From there, we moved on to Star Aug again. We had a few attempts with things coming close but the real hindrance was some low DPS costing us the final phase. One of the wipes was my fault as the other tank was still left with his add which caused
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