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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Old school night
  Posted  March 7, 2008  by NapalmDawn

In light of the surprising and shocking news
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  World of Warcraft -- Void Reaver goes to the scrap heap.
  Posted  January 31, 2008  by NapalmDawn

Last night was our first foray into Tempest Keep in several months. We had attempted Void Reaver on 2 prior occasions working with Bloodforge but we were unable to defeat him. It seemed that saving your life by running from exploding flares proved to be too tough a task for the raid.

The start of last night's raid was not a good one. I had planned on not playing and had Cel manage NERV's invites. The raid filled up slowly as the initial sight of 17 NERV and 17 Hard Mode did not translate well into 25 raid members. Healing was sparse and both guilds scraped the DPS
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  General -- Congratulations JW
  Posted  December 7, 2007  by Old Git
Congratulations to JW on the birth of his second daughter from all of us in NERV. We wish you and your family all the best for the future.
  World of Warcraft -- Zul'Aman goes live
  Posted  November 14, 2007  by NapalmDawn
Zul'Aman went live last night in the new 2.3 patch. It seemed most of us survived a major patch without too many issue. One of my addons-Component had to go otherwise I couldn't eat the new tasty mana biscuits.

Zul'Aman is a new troll based instance in the Blood Elf secondary zone called Ghostlands. It is quite similar to the old 20 man Zul'Gurub but is set with a forest backdrop instead of a jungle one. So far we've faced trolls, armored bears, mounted war bear riders, dragonhawks and eagles. We also know we'll be facing lynxes on the way to the lynx boss. The instance contains six bosses-bear aspect, lynx aspect, eagle aspect, phoenixhawk aspect, a hex lord and finally
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  World of Warcraft -- Gruul down! Let the 25 mans begin!
  Posted  October 9, 2007  by NapalmDawn
After a number attempts on Gruul within the past month or so, he finally stopped his incessant drooling and collapsed his gron ass back down on his hay.

NERV has been whacking away at him for some time now either via the pug Chiggles started, the NERV pugs or the NERV/Hard Mode duo setup. Putting aside the occasional bad attempt, overall we kept progressing and watched his health get further and further down each time. The time before he fell was a real good attempt and we had a gut feeling he'd go down on the next shot. Sure enough, with one tank down and a sliver of health left, both guilds poured it on and dropped him.

Even though attunement requirements have been lifted, Gruul
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  General -- Happy Birthday NERV!
  Posted  September 16, 2007  by Fuzzy
Today marks NERV's sixth birthday!
NERV is still around and kicking, no matter what the state of the gaming community is.
It's been a slow couple of years for gaming: World of Warcraft has absorbed most people's lives and leaves them practicing their organizational skills and patience that comes with such a successful MMO; HL2: DM and CS: S has seen quite a bit of play from the European side thanks to our dedicated fraggers and true-to-life FPS players.

Thank you to all those have stuck with us throughout the years and kept the faith. NERV certainly couldn't be the community it is without the dedication of its players and the leadership it is fortunate to have.

With UT3 and TF2
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  World of Warcraft -- Congrats to NERV :)
  Posted  September 11, 2007  by NapalmDawn
Well guys it's been a long time, too long as a matter of fact, since I did a new post. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of stuff to report on because there is.

Much like this time last year, NERV is busting ass. Our trophy room grew around this time in 2006 and it's growing in leaps and bounds now too. Then it was things in AQ20, Hakkar, Ony and bosses in MC after breaking out from the ET/NERV duo runs. This year it's High King, Nightbane, Prince and Netherspite. Gruul is going to fall, and fall soon. We all know it. Get the powerhouse DPS in there and he's not going to know what hit his big, fat ass.

I would like to congratulate all of you for the hard work you've done.
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