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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  CS Source -- Welcome Silverwater
  Posted  May 23, 2007  by Old Git
Hi Guys our newest member in a while has been voted in by a unanimous vot.
So please welcome Silverwater to the Division
  World of Warcraft -- Client Patch 2.1.0
  Posted  May 22, 2007  by Fuzzy
World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.0
Because you downloaded the bulk of the patch last week, (hopefully), below are the remaining files you will need to update.

This huge new update adds The Black Temple, a massive non-linear 25-man raid dungeon nestled deep in the Outlands. It features over 100 new rare and epic items and tier-6 armor sets... not to mention a monstrous confrontation with Illidan himself!

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  World of Warcraft -- Yet another good week in Karazhan!
  Posted  April 22, 2007  by NapalmDawn
NERV finally seems to be hitting its own stride within this 10 man instance. After going back and forth between multiple ways of approaching the instance, we finally hit upon what works for the instance.

This week was a tremendous week in there. We accelerated quickly having relatively easy times with Moroes and Maiden for a change. After downing Maiden, we ran over to the Opera stage not really planning on fighting anybody that night. Rather we just wanted to see was up for us this week. It turned out that it was the Wizard of Oz/Crone event. DJ quickly got out the strats, we setup who was doing what to whom and we started. Despite the initial hectic start that always happens
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV downs 2 more Karazhan bosses in one week!
  Posted  April 3, 2007  by NapalmDawn
Amidst a tumultuous week while "As the NERV Stomach Churns", what did NERV go and do? We went into Karazhan with a shoestring and a prayer and kicked the snot out of 2 new bosses for us.

Last week on the 27th, with the midnight hour looming ever closer, we were looking up Maiden's skirt, dead on the floor around her. We were highly considering calling it a night as Gdinero left when I still saw 3 mins on the respawn clock. With my druid tanking and Haga's lock adding some DPS, we went for one last shot on her. Thanks to some self healing going into the fight and a frenzied regen during one of the stuns, NERV devirginized her. Virtuous no more she dropped
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  General -- Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars 1.02 patch
  Posted  March 30, 2007  by Fuzzy
Released by EA Games this is the most recent patch for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars fixing some online lobby and patching issues.

Get it here

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  World of Warcraft -- First 3 bosses in Karazhan down
  Posted  March 13, 2007  by NapalmDawn
Over recent weeks, The NERVous Horde has begun working our way through Karazhan. What could have been the answer to UBRS for TBC quickly became more like an AQ20 for a smaller group.

Early in NERV's forays into Karaz we got Attunemen on the first night. We also investigated the optional spider/bat wing boss. Our first attempt pulled the bat boss Shadikith. Based on fighting through respawns to get these bosses, we may not see this wing again soon.

Two weeks ago, NERV downed Moroes after a few attempts on him. The random nature of his cohorts makes planning for him a chore. He's also a very class specific fight. The wrong group can break this encounter. While it is fun to have
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  General -- New password for Euro Vent Server
  Posted  February 22, 2007  by Old Git
Due to the number of people leaving the clan or failing to get in that have aquired the old password, it has been changed. See the following for the new password.
PW will be changed on Feb 23rd at 0200hrs Zulu.
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