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  NERV gets totally insane -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 5, 2010  by 

Last night, we went back into ToGC 10 for the first time since killing Anub on heroic many months ago. We'd been so heavily focused on ICC, heroic ICC and Hallion, our old friend went by the wayside after we finally killed Anub. We haven't returned and attempted anything more in ToGC despite there being plenty to do.

We had, in the past, gotten down to heroic Anub with a large amount of attempts left. Sadly though, we wound up burning out the attempts and never killed him. The time we killed Anub, we didn't have many attempts left and lost a shot at any of the achievements. Since we'd been doing so much ICC, Hallion and Uld related raids lately, I figured it would be an ice change to blast through ToGC and see what happens. Also TT's hunter was with us and figured there might be some drops he could use.

As it turns out, all my guess were spot on. TT did get some upgrades and we knifed through ToGC like it was Wailing Caverns. At most, we maybe lost 2 people the entire raid and we even destroyed the PVP boss (resto shammy/holy priest/ret pally/rogue/warlock/boomkin). Heroic Anub was easy pie with the extreme DPS we had. We lost TT to a spike kiting but that was just newness with the fight. Cow's warrior was the lucky winner of our first horde wolf from the tribute chest.
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