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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Thorim gets the Rocky 3 treatment
  Posted  June 1, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Last week, after killing Hodir for the 2nd time and downing Freya, there was only one clear objective left. Thorim needed to quit enjoying his fancy little fighting pit and die. Unfortunately for us, he went Clubber Lang on us the first few rounds.

In going to Hodir, the trash was fairly easy once you understood there needs to be a tank swap. After a blissfully short hallway, we stood looking at the Hodir arena
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  World of Warcraft -- Freya becomes one with nature ... in the dead way
  Posted  May 29, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Taking advantage of the clear work done during impromptu Tuesday, a 10 man group went back into Uld tonight and ran right up to Iron Council. On
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  World of Warcraft -- Another great Ulduar night
  Posted  May 22, 2009  by NapalmDawn
  World of Warcraft -- Crazy cat lady gets mauled by ASPCA
  Posted  May 4, 2009  by NapalmDawn

Earlier in the week, we cleared the incredibly well painted Kologarn and decided to call it a night on a good note. The Disney boss died and made a
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  World of Warcraft -- I guess flesh *is* stronger huh?
  Posted  May 1, 2009  by NapalmDawn
  World of Warcraft -- 2 for one sale in Uld
  Posted  April 20, 2009  by NapalmDawn
  World of Warcraft -- Amidst Blizzard's shenanigans, NERV prevails
  Posted  April 16, 2009  by NapalmDawn

A day late but fortunately, not a dollar short. This new 3.1 patch has been a nightmare in terms of progression. Not only has there been some confusing info on the first boss but we haven't actually been able to fight him properly until last night.

We drunkenly staggered in there on Tuesday after getting plastered with dual specs and addon issues along with servers being delayed about 7 hours. We passed through the
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