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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  CS Source -- Please Welcome
  Posted  November 13, 2006  by Old Git
JW and Farmer Brown to the Clan and the CSS Division.
Im sure they will both be an assett to the Division for their skill and their humour on Vent.
Welcome Gents!
  World of Warcraft -- One dead ass dragon.
  Posted  October 3, 2006  by NapalmDawn
And the NERV wall of heads continues to grow. Pretty soon we're going to turn the corner and start working on another wall in the room.

Since August, NERV progression has been steamrolling. On top of our Hakkar kill, we added our first solo Majordomo kill and then shortly after, the beaked head of Ossirian was stuffed and mounted. What was our next goal? Ragnaros or Onxyia and as expected, Ony finally collapsed in her cave before the might of only 28 NERV raiders.

After attempting her less than double digit times, NERV put the sister of Nefarion on her ass. We'd been feeling it for weeks but kept missing a key element. We either had no deep breaths and bad phase 3s (Onxyia
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  CS Source -- Clanbase Match
  Posted  October 1, 2006  by Old Git
Shadow has arranged a match against AG on Clanbase
  World of Warcraft -- NERV downs another endgame instance boss
  Posted  September 25, 2006  by NapalmDawn
In our fastest clear time from the start of working an instance until it's been cleared, NERV downed Ossiran last night.

Ossirian is the end boss of the AQ20/The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. We started walking into AQ20 around May. Don't let that seemingly obvious 4 month span fool you. We took some time off AQ and returned to it only a couple months ago. A step up from Zul Gurub in difficulty, our speed and determination got us through AQ20 with lightining speed. With the first 2 bosses out of the way, AQ20 just opened wide for a NERV invasion allowing us to smack Buru and Moam upon our first encounters with them.

Ossirian was swell enough to drop-

Helm of Domination -  
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  General -- NERV EU BF2 go number 1 on the TWL 5v5 inf ladder!
  Posted  September 5, 2006  by McHagg1s
Last night, the NERV BF2 division took on DAWGs in a battle to take the number 1 rung of the 5v5 TWL ladder. Without either team captain playing, and on an American server - The division beat off DAWGs to secure a hard earned victory.

Congratulations to everyone who played, and to everyone in the division who has got us this far.

We are now number 1 in both the main TWL EU ladders gents. We said we could do it and now we have proved it. Let's get some more number 1's under our belt! Very
  World of Warcraft -- Majordomo Executus falls before NERV
  Posted  August 31, 2006  by NapalmDawn
On August 30th, a little over a month after The NERVous Horde started going into Molten Core alone, Majordomo fell to the might of NERV. Little more than the butler to Ragnaros, he nevertheless is an immense pain in the ass with his 8 guards.

This was only NERV's third or fourth attempt at Domo since we started MC. He was 2 shotted and probably would have been 1 shotted had it not been for Blizzard's stupid lag and one of the main tanks disconnecting while Domo's 8 buddies started marching towards the party.

Domo was kind enough to drop his cache with such goodies as.

The Eye of Divinity -  
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  General -- NERV EU take #1 on the TWL 8v8 ladder!
  Posted  August 29, 2006  by McHagg1s
We were due to play the old number 1 [AoS] however they ignored our challenge and we took their place.

We shall now defend our newly prized possesion with the teamwork and effort that got us there, and a bit of luck too.

Good effort guys, Congratulations - NERV are number 1 in yet another ladder! That makes two recent ladder accomplishments - once for HL2 and once again for BF2.

Congratulations all round Smile
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