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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  General -- NERV logo contest!
  Posted  July 7, 2006  by Fuzzy
NERV is holding a contest to design the next NERV logo!

This is part of our build up to NERV's 5th birthday. The contest is open to anyone that is registered so you do not have to be a NERV member!

Prizes will be given out for the top three images voted upon by the NERV members; with first place designer receiving a new game of choice, a custom forum title and a shirt with the winning logo!
Best of luck to all entries!

For contest rules and to submit your work, visit this link.
  General -- New Host
  Posted  June 22, 2006  by Fuzzy
We have moved hosts as the downtime on the old one was too much.

Please bear with us as we fix the errors on the site as a result of the move.
  World of Warcraft -- Summer raid schedule
  Posted  May 16, 2006  by NapalmDawn
Once school is over for folks, our new raid schedule will be -

Tues/Weds -
Molten Core with ET. Invites start at 7:15 and first pull is at 8 EST.

Thurs/Fri -
AQ20 man. Invites start at 7:30 and first pull is 8 EST **

Sat/Sun -
Zul Gurub. Invites start at at 7:30 and first pull is 8 EST.

Mon -
Raid day off. ***

**=AQ20 man is subject to change to ZG depending upon the success of the runs.

***=this is a scheduled day off but is subject to change if the guild wants to run on a particular Monday.
  CS Source -- |NERV| v cAe
  Posted  May 10, 2006  by Morph
A CB match has been arranged between NERV and cAe on the 5v5 defuse ladder. Can all members please check the forums and the calendar as to whether they can make the match or not?

Thanks guys.

  Posted  April 29, 2006  by Old Git
The NERV EURO VENT server is back up.
Apparently it was a bookkeeping error :-)
"The cheque is in the post" lol
  Posted  April 29, 2006  by Old Git
The Euro vent server has died.
A message saying the service provider hasnt paid his licence fee appeared as we were all kicked out.
For the Immediate future we have reverted to the NA vent server details available in the NERV member forums.
  Posted  April 27, 2006  by Old Git
Due to problems with the original server there is now a replacement.
Details posted in the NERV SERVERS Forum
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