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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- NERV begins phase 2 of Karazhan!
  Posted  June 20, 2007  by NapalmDawn

Last night marked the first since since the late winter that NERV has run 2 groups into the guild destroying Karazhan. While NERV has survived the blender that is the 10 man instance, it sure has created its fair share of guild issues.

Prior to the creation of the guild Sparta, NERV had attempted to run 2 groups into Karazhan. While it had moderate success, we were eventually proven we did not have enough redundancy to handle it. Despite coming off routine 20 and 40 man raids, staffing for 2 Karazhan's is not like staffing for a 20 man AQ.

With the addition of many key classes in the recent months such as tanks and healers, NERV felt ready to tackle 2 new challenges. Gruul's
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  World of Warcraft -- Client Patch 2.1.2
  Posted  June 19, 2007  by Fuzzy
This is the recent patch for World of Warcraft updating the popular game to v2.1.2 from Blizzard Entertainment.

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  General -- C&C3: TW Client Patch 1.05
  Posted  June 9, 2007  by Fuzzy
Patch 1.05 is finally here! This patch is a major enhancement packed with new balance changes, critical bugs and exploit fixes, 4 new multi-player maps, classic C&C mouse-click, and much more! Read more to download file and find out the specifics this patch contains.

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  World of Warcraft -- Client Patch 2.1.1
  Posted  June 5, 2007  by Fuzzy
This is a small patch updating World of Warcraft to v2.1.1 from Blizzard Entertainment. Read below in more information on specifics on what this patch contains.

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  CS Source -- Welcome Silverwater
  Posted  May 23, 2007  by Old Git
Hi Guys our newest member in a while has been voted in by a unanimous vot.
So please welcome Silverwater to the Division
  World of Warcraft -- Client Patch 2.1.0
  Posted  May 22, 2007  by Fuzzy
World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.1.0
Because you downloaded the bulk of the patch last week, (hopefully), below are the remaining files you will need to update.

This huge new update adds The Black Temple, a massive non-linear 25-man raid dungeon nestled deep in the Outlands. It features over 100 new rare and epic items and tier-6 armor sets... not to mention a monstrous confrontation with Illidan himself!

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  World of Warcraft -- Yet another good week in Karazhan!
  Posted  April 22, 2007  by NapalmDawn
NERV finally seems to be hitting its own stride within this 10 man instance. After going back and forth between multiple ways of approaching the instance, we finally hit upon what works for the instance.

This week was a tremendous week in there. We accelerated quickly having relatively easy times with Moroes and Maiden for a change. After downing Maiden, we ran over to the Opera stage not really planning on fighting anybody that night. Rather we just wanted to see was up for us this week. It turned out that it was the Wizard of Oz/Crone event. DJ quickly got out the strats, we setup who was doing what to whom and we started. Despite the initial hectic start that always happens
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