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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- Congrats to NERV :)
  Posted  September 11, 2007  by NapalmDawn
Well guys it's been a long time, too long as a matter of fact, since I did a new post. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of stuff to report on because there is.

Much like this time last year, NERV is busting ass. Our trophy room grew around this time in 2006 and it's growing in leaps and bounds now too. Then it was things in AQ20, Hakkar, Ony and bosses in MC after breaking out from the ET/NERV duo runs. This year it's High King, Nightbane, Prince and Netherspite. Gruul is going to fall, and fall soon. We all know it. Get the powerhouse DPS in there and he's not going to know what hit his big, fat ass.

I would like to congratulate all of you for the hard work you've done.
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  General -- Euro Division Annual Meet 2007
  Posted  August 2, 2007  by Old Git
The European Division of the clan met up for its annual meet from the 27th - 30th July this Year
14 members managed to attend including Lingonglass from Sweden and Ele from Germany. Acomodation was 4 very comfortable mobile homes at Woodland Waters caravan and camping site with easy acces to Woodys Bar where we all had a very nice meal on the friday evening.
Saturday morning saw Old Git and Sclaws tring to cook a fry up for 14 on a normal home cooker but it was achived in the end. Then off to the paintball for the majority and shopping for OG and Invisible. While the boys were busy shooting each other OG, Sclaws and Invisible prepared a BBQ for the starving warriors on their return. The
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV begins phase 2 of Karazhan!
  Posted  June 20, 2007  by NapalmDawn

Last night marked the first since since the late winter that NERV has run 2 groups into the guild destroying Karazhan. While NERV has survived the blender that is the 10 man instance, it sure has created its fair share of guild issues.

Prior to the creation of the guild Sparta, NERV had attempted to run 2 groups into Karazhan. While it had moderate success, we were eventually proven we did not have enough redundancy to handle it. Despite coming off routine 20 and 40 man raids, staffing for 2 Karazhan's is not like staffing for a 20 man AQ.

With the addition of many key classes in the recent months such as tanks and healers, NERV felt ready to tackle 2 new challenges. Gruul's
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  World of Warcraft -- Client Patch 2.1.2
  Posted  June 19, 2007  by Fuzzy
This is the recent patch for World of Warcraft updating the popular game to v2.1.2 from Blizzard Entertainment.

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  General -- C&C3: TW Client Patch 1.05
  Posted  June 9, 2007  by Fuzzy
Patch 1.05 is finally here! This patch is a major enhancement packed with new balance changes, critical bugs and exploit fixes, 4 new multi-player maps, classic C&C mouse-click, and much more! Read more to download file and find out the specifics this patch contains.

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  World of Warcraft -- Client Patch 2.1.1
  Posted  June 5, 2007  by Fuzzy
This is a small patch updating World of Warcraft to v2.1.1 from Blizzard Entertainment. Read below in more information on specifics on what this patch contains.

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  CS Source -- Welcome Silverwater
  Posted  May 23, 2007  by Old Git
Hi Guys our newest member in a while has been voted in by a unanimous vot.
So please welcome Silverwater to the Division
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