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Nervous System -- News Archives
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Nervous System -- News
  World of Warcraft -- NERV is currently H8/11 in Throne
  Posted  February 8, 2018  by NapalmDawn
It's been awhile since the last update here. Currently, we are H8/11 and our active boss is Coven. This is definitely an RNG based plug sitting in our way, blocking the rest of the instance. Once the 3 Bitches 3 die, Aggramar should be easy enough. We're in the home stretch now, we just need to get it done Very
  World of Warcraft -- Heroic Garothi dead-more heroic bosses to come
  Posted  December 21, 2017  by NapalmDawn

After our third kill on Antorus, we started work on heroic bosses in ToA. Due to the late start and several wipes on Ant, we got into the heroics late and only had time for one boss. We will have a fresh Thursday night to progress and hopefully get another 2 or 3 kills.
  World of Warcraft -- Great balls of KJ's fire
  Posted  November 9, 2017  by NapalmDawn
He died last week, I just haven't gotten a chance to post the update here yet. Unlike the fight before KJ, he's not nearly as RNGesus at the Husk fight is. Well, that's mostly true until the third phase where everything kind of descends into pure chaos. Kiting fireballs while avoiding the extra obelisks seems to be a real treat. Fortunately, DPS has been hitting their marks and keeping each phase as short as possible. We're going to be looking at farming him a few more times and then take a break for Thanksgiving.
  World of Warcraft -- NERV now up to H8/9
  Posted  October 13, 2017  by NapalmDawn
With a rather large turn out last night, NERV popped on down the titan elevator past housewares, men's clothing, lady's clothing and the pet section to a 30 year old virgin living in his parent's basement with his lifelike sex doll. He's gotten so out of shape, he's literally stuck in the ground until we kill his beloved doll and he finally gets mad enough to chase around the fel aquifer below his basement. REEEEEEE

Despite this guy's lack of integration to adult society, he has proven to be a rather obnoxious fight. No role in this fight ever gets comfortable. DPS has to be ever mindful of not dropping fel urine and shadow poop over themselves, healers and tanks. Tanks have to not
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  World of Warcraft -- NERV begins the fall as more bosses fall
  Posted  September 25, 2017  by NapalmDawn
Hello all! We are currently 6 of 9 in heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Our current progression boss is Maiden. If you are here for recruiting purposes, please register for a forum account and then visit this forum http://www.nerv-clan.com/forums/index.php?f=91

Instructions for posting are in the sticky!
  World of Warcraft -- Finally the moon triplets can stop shooting us.
  Posted  July 21, 2017  by NapalmDawn
After testing the waters on what heroic to tackle after Harjitan, we decided on facing the Sisters of the Moon. DI and Lady Nagaface were both kind of obnoxious. Sisters really wasn't much different but the light at the end of the tunnel was brighter.

The biggest issue we had with the sisters was the conflux of multiple abilities hitting at the same time. Having to line up for the shot while also getting a glaive storm often proved to be murder. Having to line up for the shot with the target having the lunar beacon...often proved to be murder. We had some back and forth where to use lust as phase 2 and 3 both suck pretty bad. There was equal pressure to make both as short as
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  World of Warcraft -- Heroic Harjitan dead. On to the next heroic boss
  Posted  July 14, 2017  by NapalmDawn
Similar to the evolution of the KJ fight, we continually tweaked our plan for Harjitan. As we saw what was an issue, we adjusted more and mroe until things fell in line. One of the biggest ways we fixed things on this guy was to do our best to make a "safe space" for people. It soudns awful to say that in this day and age but marking a zone as puddle free allowed people to get comfortable knowing not much was coming from their back. This led to people not dying which led to the proper healing and DPS that was needed to kill him.
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