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Nervous System -- News
  NERV now up to H8/9 -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 13, 2017  by 
With a rather large turn out last night, NERV popped on down the titan elevator past housewares, men's clothing, lady's clothing and the pet section to a 30 year old virgin living in his parent's basement with his lifelike sex doll. He's gotten so out of shape, he's literally stuck in the ground until we kill his beloved doll and he finally gets mad enough to chase around the fel aquifer below his basement. REEEEEEE

Despite this guy's lack of integration to adult society, he has proven to be a rather obnoxious fight. No role in this fight ever gets comfortable. DPS has to be ever mindful of not dropping fel urine and shadow poop over themselves, healers and tanks. Tanks have to not be flat footed and be caught off guard by misaimed shit on the floor and healers have to run around after people like the parents of a 4 year old hopped up on Jolt. And that's just phase one! Phase 2 after he goes all emo over the death of his clay girlfriend, introduces purple tornadoes of debuff fuckery on top of his dark marks. Black Wind is fine when it's the name of a ship in Chrono Trigger, it's not fine when 3 of them are ticking on you. Our kill attempt thankfully saw us putting him into phase 2 below the desired 25% which made the downstairs part much easier. Mark soaks were good and the DPS pushed him to his death quick enough that tanks didn't run out of cooldowns.
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