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Nervous System -- News
  Spoiler alert-Gul'dan dies in the end -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 8, 2017  by 

On 3/2, NERV capped a pretty nice week inside the NIghthold. Weds saw us killing Elisandre for the first time and we started working on Gul'dan that night. While we cam really close (sub 20%) we couldn't put him away that night. We came back with fresh legs on Thursday expecting to kill him quick but we kept having issues. The expected one or 2 shots was not going as planned. Fortunately, we made a few small tweaks to lessen the raid damage and one of our healers who'd been DPSing flopped back to healing and it was all gravy from there. We're now 10/10 in NH and it's time for heroics!
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