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Nervous System -- News
  We immersed ourselves in the most interesting kill ever -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 11, 2013  by 

Right on patch night, NERV marched into the new Siege of Orgrimmar and began our trek to take out that assbag Garrosh. We rounded up everybody that was busy at the now EXTREMELY popular Timeless Isle and went into the new raid. With not a whole lot of trash in the way, the first boss Immerseus sat there before us ready to attacked.

With a strong idea of what we were facing on the fight, we started working on this giant puddle of water and began feeling out how the fight would go. Early on, it seemed he lurker beamed the tanks often which occasionally led to a Durumu style de-aggro and he'd chew on some faces. A small change from Malaney based on the video we used, we put the tanks up front and kept the DPS/heals tighter to us until the bubble phase. With these changes, the lurker beam stopped being an issue for most except for Taurg. Corrosive blast was occasionally catching some people a bit too close to the tanks but progress was getting made. The bubble phase went from too much damage to handle to suddenly being much better to deal with. Every time I saw the explosions of puddles hitting him, I'd flinch but they really started becoming insignificant.

So as the night wore on, our attempts bounced around with some bad ones that went to crap early on and some that kept pushing him deeper and deeper. We had one that was nearly a kill before he went all berzerk and angry red. After one or 2 bad attempts, we pushed him deep into his dispersions again. Right as he went under for an puddle explosion, he was basically dead. The puddles booked it into the center where you could tell he just enraged. The explosions went red and we began to start feeling-damn so close! Suddenly, just as we thought everybody died, we amazingly had loot rolls and an achievement. It seems Mely hit a clutch deterrence and he rode out the explosions long enough for Immerseus' zero health to finally kick over to death.

After his shocking kill that nobody expected, we went over to the council and made some solid progress on them as we continue to make sure that fight is executed properly.
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