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Nervous System -- News
  Forget 2 new bosses in a week-how about 2 in a night? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 30, 2013  by 

In what can only be described as an incredible bonus, NERV took down the Twin Consorts late Sunday night in a rather unexpected late night moment. We'd been gunning for Iron Qon which we got but wanted to get real playtime on the Consorts so we could research them properly. In only 3 shots, the bitches died leaving us with just one boss left in the instance before a full clear.

We'd gotten up to Iron Qon on Weds but decided not to attempt him as it was late. The next day, we were missing G and failed to secure an extra healer so that Acandria could tank. This made Thursday an alt night and we all began to strain our leashes to to get back to business. Sunday night hit with us clearing trash with an odd group as we waited for a few people to arrive so that we could make some solid attempts. We got working on him and it wasn't that many attempts before he dropped. The work we did went from fairly fast wipes to a limping along 12 minute attempt in which he enraged. The next attempt back, he died in under 11 minutes resulting in our first kill. Since we still had some time on the lock, we poked at the Twins only to discover we sent both of them back to Lei Shen's kitchen to make us some sammiches. I'd like a turkey and cheese toasted please.
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