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Nervous System -- News
  NERV suckles some giant dino loot teat. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 8, 2013  by 

Oh come on. You're thinking it just like me. It looks like he's nursing the raid with his phat lewts including our first Thunderforged item.

So this was going to be an interesting kill. Much like Morchok in DS, it seemed we kinda rolled over Jin'Rokh the Monkey Troll. We all kinda thought-wow this wasn't so bad. We then encountered some of the weirdest trash we'd ever seen with invincible ghosts pushing us off into space...winds pushing us off into space..bushes full of surprise snake rape kind like Uld's Mexican pinata worm piles. We then entered into what felt like the biggest boss area in the game since perhaps Razorscale (I'd dare say even Razorscale felt smaller than this). That first night fighting Horridon, we smelled something rotten in Denmark. The fight seemed abnormally tough. Casting sideways glances at each other wondering if we did something wrong, we began to think maybe it just wasn't tuned right. Sure enough, we'd been right. This encounter was slightly buggy resulting in too much pressure on a 10 man raid.

After Wipesday passed, we attacked him again on Thursday night after finding out we'd stand a better shot. I sat out on the tanking duties feeling Acan's ranged monk abilities would better handle grabbing the frost ball spewing adds better than my limited range bearness. A few attempts in and we'd made sound progress as Acan's DPS also helped the fight tremendously. Fairly quickly, we'd turned the tide vs this Whorraceratops and looted his corpse for some goodies. Up next for this initial trifecta of bosses will be the council.
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