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  Amber is the color of a dead boss -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 3, 2013  by 

So in the weeks surrounding our Christmas break, we've been putting up some solid kills. We finally put our collective boots down on the giant tick several weeks ago. After that, we had a fairly easy time with the Windlord and his Domo-style cronies. We set ourselves upon the Ambershaper but he gave us some issues.

We mostly seemed to have trouble with people doing what they needed to do while they were in their suits. The tanks had been doing well but other people just weren't used to being in that thing unless they randomly got it in LFR. After a few up and down nights on him, we beat him like a rented mule last night. The kill attempt was near perfect as everything lined up. We did some work on the Empress but her adds are still giving us some heartburn. Look for her to die in the next several nights and we'll begin the push into Terrace and start on some MV heroics!
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