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Nervous System -- News
  Casting cataclysm? Psh-I don't think so -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 9, 2012  by 

Throughout the expansions that have come and gone in NERV's WoW history, we've continued to get better and better and push further and further. We ended vanilla with just Ony, MC, AQ20 and ZG. We did next to nothing inside AQ40 and BWL and didn't even dream of Naxx. TBC started slow but we began to mature in our raiding and ended with leaving one boss in Hyjal up, 1/2 of BT and all of Sunwell. Similar to vanilla but a much better feeling. In WOTLK, we accomplished everything we wanted minus a heroic LK and heroic Hallion. We felt we'd completed everything we wanted killing LK on normal as he presented an intense fight.

Throughout Cata, we've bounced around quite a bit. We've held well and been out ahead of the pack and at times drifted back into the fat middle on 'Hoof. Inside Dragon Soul, we had our good starts and even made a big splash with a heroic Traxxie kill before a lot of others. Then, heroic Blackthorn and Spine beat us back into out whack'a'mole holes. Heroic spine presented an up and down battle as we wrestled with 1 shotting the first tendon, doing it on normal, back to 1 shot for a kill and then finally doing it the right way. We knew heroic spine was the stop gap and sure enough, heroic DW was a push over compared to such hurdles as LK, heroic spine, heroic Blackthorn and others.

For the first time in our history, barring metas and heroics on older content, NERV has now completed all content and finalized the last instance of the expansion. We now look forward to wrapping up loose ends and preparing for MoP just over a month away.
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