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  Heroic Zon'ozz. Tentacle rape fest anime Vol 1. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 30, 2012  by 

What a huge difference a week makes. There wasn't a whole lot different about our attempts tonight compared to last week except they just worked. Period.

Right from the first time we dropped into his little gaping maw pit, we had an awesome attempt. While people died, we made it well past the first black blood phase and it felt good. The next few attempts were hit and miss with some going well, some going great (to the last part where we BL) and some horrible pulls with instant soulfires pulling the boss past the tank and the ball going wherever it fucking felt like. After the up and down attempts, we finally settled into an attempt that felt like it was a kill the whole way. The ball behaved, people lived, heals were great and the DPS did their jobs very well.

The way we fought him tonight, it almost felt like we'd been farming him for awhile but was still a tough fight. Something about tonight just felt good right from the start and it was pretty enjoyable to fight him tonight.
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