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  Heroic Morchok-the boss that almost never was -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 8, 2012  by 

Okay so yeah. This dude....A few weeks ago, we killed Deathwing. We were extremely happy with our kill of him. We felt the timing was pretty solid and the progression was good all around. The first thing that popped into people's heads was "Heroics??!!!" Plenty of us in the raid believed that the answer was a solid no until we got more gear, especially DW loot. The next week rolled around, got DW again but nothing amazingly fancy dropped. So again we asked the same thing - "Heroics??!!!" The next Tuesday I said yes. The WoW gods said no.

We looked at the roster that Tuesday patch night and said yeah okay we can give this a try. We got 4 healers, got 2 tanks, got 2 people who can soak up stomp splats . . okay let's try this. Some people had issues getting on due to it being patch night but we had a full run. While 9 people sat inside DS, Haken kept showing as back in Org. Finally we asked wtf was up and he mentioned Vent was borked and an anti-virus window was stuck open. After about 20 mins of attempting to reboot and relog back into WoW, it came to light his HD died. It had been on its last leg for awhile and WoW's little mini-defrag killed it. That delayed our kill on Morchok by 1 week as I believe we could have had it. On Tuesday of this week, we almost didn't have our second soaker since Lep's WoW and mobile auth app fell out of sync. Fortunately things got resolved quick and we were good to go.

The fight seems mostly based on good healing and solid Texas two stepping. Boot stomp-crystal-kick-spin-boot stomp-crystal-kick-spin grab your partner . . . We needed to iron out some of the dance steps and the healers needed to be on their toes too. Once people saw the fight a few times and got the ebb and flow of the fight down, he seemed pretty easy. Was he easy enough to have done the first week after DW? I'd say 70% possible. I feel 100% like we could have had him last week had it not been for losing the 4th healer.
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