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  And stay down! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 26, 2011  by 

Didn't we beat on this guy already? Oh that's right . we DID. Almost 5 years ago to the very day, NERV encountered Ragnaros for the first time as a guild alone. While NERV and ET had combined for many Domo kills, we never attempted Rag during out joint attempts. Once NERV went solo however, we hit Rag for the first time in September of 2006. Five years later, we were back staring at him again.

Much like bad heartburn, Ragnaros has come back from his apparent demise in Moltern Core only to be the end boss of Firelands. Much like his favorite bodyguards before him (Staghelm and Executus), his fight has changed drastically. No longer content to just summon his sons and melt weapons, now he likes to throw traps, summon scions and have us get chased by his giant balls ... of meat....flaming meatballs.

This was the first week we encountered Rag as we had not killed Domo pre-nerf. We got close on Domo a few times prior but after the nerf, he was a relative breeze. Rag on the other hand was far from a push over and continued to require co-ordination and skill. We started work on him last Weds and finished up with the kill late on Sunday night. Prior to last night, our best attempts got us around 47%. We had a shot last night that saw him get within 2% of a kill. Shortly after, we got him down all the way. 2 sexy trinkets dropped and our first tier helm that was won by Mono. Congrats to all!
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