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Nervous System -- News
  Got 5 on it -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 7, 2011  by 
The boss wall. We got 5 on it in one night.

While this may not seem like the most amazing feat in the world since you can do all of BWD (6) in a night and we did BOT+ToTFW all in one night (6) in one night. You have to take into account this is Firelands we're talking about which is not quite the steamroll of the current tier 11 content.

Proving the very well known fact that NERV soldiers on no matter what personnel changes take place (good, bad or happily desired in the current case), this was the first week we've pulled off all of our currently downed bosses in 1 night. This is a large step forward and one we hope to see as we push towards killing Domo and the inevitable learning curve of Rag. In previous weeks, something always worked poorly for us. One week Beth would give us fits, another it would be Alys, sometimes it would be Bale. All of this would usually combine to hitting progression bosses late in our raiding schedule. Being up to Domo on the first night gives us fresh legs every night to work on downing him and multiple nights to get a really good comp for him. Our winning raid tonight also featured no real swapping for bosses (minus toggling a role or two within the chosen raid). This proves that we're hitting the starter point to muscling the content down no matter the raid composition. Kudos to all for an excellent job.
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