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Nervous System -- News
  Rhyolite-igneous, volcanic rock. Rhyolith-dead igneous volcanic rock lord -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 15, 2011  by 

Rhyolith falls into NERV's drier, tumble cycle of early Firelands bosses. When first we entered into Firelands raiding, we focused heavily on Beth. At the time, most people felt Beth's AOE damage was a bit too much for the healers and their current gear. Focus shifted to Shannox which led to our first entry in the Firelands kill wall. After killing Shannox several times, we kept bouncing back and forth in terms of who was next out of Beth and Rhy. For a brief period, Rhy had the main focus as he seemed a bit more workable than the spider. Attention then shifted back to Beth which resulted in a kill and subsequent farming of her. With Beth and Shannox now properly secured, the spotlight was once again on Rhy to die before the remaining intro bosses were killed.

We learned quickly after Beth that Rhy requires solid coordination and the proper mix of DPS. The fight works optimally with a tank that can switch to DPS gear and crank it out along with an equal amount of ranged DPS working on the adds. To much in either direction skews the damage going out and either the adds die too slow or we can't steer the big monstrosity. Fortunately, there is usually enough depth in the DPS to optimally tune the group and get a kill. Rhy ws not killed after Alys but there was a delay in posting the news on it since i was not in the group that killed him first,
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