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  You....shall not pass! (But we did anyways) -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  July 28, 2011  by 

After we killed Beth, we wondered what to do next. The thought of doing Rhy without G's cleaving ability didn't have me too happy. Gongos with his knowledge of a good chunk of the FL bosses suggested we try Baleroc. According to him it wasn't a super hard fight, just required a little dancing and some smart and strong healing.

We cleared over to Bale with some blissfully uneventful trash and knocked out the few mobs in his area. With a low aggro radius and huge open area, we set about learning the mechanics of the fight with some practice. After a few Texas Two Step line dancing auditions, we started the fight. The DDR practice ahead of time worked out great as nobody really fucked up the whole "pretend you're on line for a Disney ride" thing we have to do. Healers needed an attempt or 2 to get their patterns down right and they did with relative ease. For a change, it felt GREAT to be a druid tank for this fight. When decimation blade hit, I popped my dodge trinks and Bale flat out missed me several times allowing the healers to unclench their taco exit holes. The pure miss means healers didn't have to worry about getting me back up to 90% which isn't the easiest job with me pushing a million HP. Bale was a record low with attempts as we gleefully BDS one-shotted him allowing us to go 3/7 so far in FL.
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