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  Up next on the Chimaeron Feud! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 24, 2011  by 

Poor Finkle. He went and got himself in the belly of yet another big ugly. First it was the beast in UBRS. This time, it was one ugly hydra with 2 heads and a crazy claw arm where a third head should be.

Being nice folks that we are, we decided to liberate Finkle from his intestinal prison. We'd been working on Chim a bit over the last few weeks and we'd been getting him down to about the half way mark the last few attempts. Tonight we went into BWD with the intent to get revenge on Atramedes for a shitty night and also put more face time in with Chim. The first time around on him, healers didn't adjust so well to tank swaps. Next time around, the Bile-O-Tron offline moments were the worst. The big question was going to be could we push past those issues for a kill.

Right off the bat, things went great. Despite a death or 2, Chim got lower than he ever had before. This rallied us a bit as he suddenly seemed way more killable than before. Next attempt, G got clocked early on for a quick wipe. We got back on track and in the next attempt or 2, we got him into the last phase for the first time. Amazingly enough, he went for me first. I didn't get much of a chance to kite as I died going into the phase. He aggroed G next who held him for awhile. After eating G, he went for Skeez who evasion tanked him for a bit. Hitting his cooldowns properly, Chim stayed on Skeez for quite awhile and it resulted in our first kill on him.

Even though he has a slight odor of "we've done it now, should be easy" . . I will say he won't be. Sure it doesn't require learning 42 dance moves but he is a ROUGH fight on tanks and healers. This fight will be more about the make up of the group rather than remembering the proper hokey pokey. For a few days now, I'd been saying that we're gonna go 9/12 very soon. I thought it would possibly be Al'Akir due to his 10% wipe the last time. I figured Chim would be in there soon also and I am amazingly happy to report the group made him seem rather easy. Al is still going to be tricky but I think he's up next leaving us with just Cho'Gall and Nefarion to close out the current content.
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