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  By your powers combined-oops we're dead -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 19, 2011  by 

Earth, wind, water and fire! Ground spikes, tornadoes, gravity crushes and . . ahh shut up already.

TAC is the next to the last boss in Twilight Bastion and they sit a short ways in front of the last boss -Cho'gall. We've had to listen to the double headed fatty taunt us throughout the instance as we cut his henchmen from Halfus on down to his elemental monstrosity. Even though it has less bosses than BWD, we've actually done very well in TwiBas. We one shot the drakes this week and have not had an extended learning curve on these bosses.

First night we saw the TAC, we got them down to .8% on our best attempt. To come that close to killing them was heartbreaking. One of those "if only I stayed alive" or "damn if I didn't derp to the fire . . ". The next time we went back in, the results were not as good. On Thursday night, we cleared the annoying trash in their room again and setup to fight the council. First attempt we got 1/2 way there. Next one was very good with us doing 19 million of the 22 million it takes to kill them. Third was a fast wipe and then we nailed them. Going from only .8% to killing him in 3 real attempts was excellent. We now sit in a small clump of 8/12 guilds and should be busting out the 9/12 shortly with a Chim kill in BWD.
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