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  NERV gets blown -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 4, 2011  by 

Well it's hard to say if WE got blown. We did . . sort of. We also blew back . blew ourselves right into 7/12 Cata content and 3 new bosses this week. Starting with Atramedes on Monday (which seems like en eternity ago) to the faaaaaabulous drake pair on Tuesday and tonight was the Conclave.

Conclave required two nights for us to get them down perfectly. Unlike a lot of other Cata bosses, the 3 djinn actually has some play in the strategy for them. After trying them on Weds. night, I did more research and found some conflicting strats. Some have more DPS on air. Some have ice being killed before air, some have air after nature. Some say a solo self healer can do air. Some say pally tank/pally heals on ice is good as they just bubble a whole transition phase away. Regardless of the varying strats, we knew just a small change would give us a kill based on the 1-1.5ish percent wipe on a few of Weds' attempts.

A slightly retooled group went up vs the conclave tonight. Poca was going to take air alone moving Clash over with the main group to do a kind of heal/DPS mishmosh. Even after Poca got the hang of the Rohash's abilities, it proved to be a bit too much for him to handle alone. We put Clash back and things got better. Still, we wound up with the 1% wipe again. Something had to change. We gave Ori over to the air platform and that was the trick. The main group killed Anshal, hopped to Nezir who took about 10 seconds of damage and died also. We waited out the hurricane on the air platform and hopped over having to only deal about 10 seconds of damage to him too. Rather than struggle to get him down in the allotted time, the 2 DPSers there weakened him enough that he took very little time and effort to kill. Nezir's durka turban provided us with our first 2 pieces of random loot. They actually were good as one drop was a very good tank ring and a very good boomy belt that got sharded since Ori already had a rep one.

We spent a few attempts on Ala'akir to learn his abilities (and man does he have plenty). We called it early tonight due to the great progression this week and we think we know how to pass phase 1 on him. It'll take some timing and work but he shouldn't be up for too much longer.
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