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Nervous System -- News
  What's that? Who goes there? I heard something... -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 1, 2011  by 

After Maloriak fell recently, we immediately began work on the next boss-the blind dragon Atramedes. This boss treats you to a little in-game hologram that gives you a window into the past. It shows his creation and gives you some back story about how he is just another in Maloriak's long list of failures. Nefarion opts to keep Atramedes alive believing there might just be something worth while to this sightless wonder.

Atra spends the fight trying to locate the raid with sonar pulses, sonar bombs and other sound based abilities. Steadily throughout the raid, each person's sound meter grows naturally and through failure conditions. If it hits 100%, Atramedes knows where you are and he fries you. After Tuesday of last week, 2 10 man groups split off at Magmaw and killed the Trons and Maloriak each. They came back together to work on Atramedes and it paid off killing him in one reset's amount of time. The fight is fun and largely predictable as he only does 2 distinct phases throughout the fight and doesn't have much in the way of surprises. He's a soft capped fight with the "enrage timer" being based on running out of gongs. As long as you're not burning excessive gongs, the fight is easy to handle. Sunday ended with a wipe at 1% so we called a special raid session to kill him last night and it went great.
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