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  Halfus gets broken -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 21, 2011  by 

About 2 to 3 weeks into Cata, once we started getting quite a few level 85s, we went into Twilight Bastion and tried to get our feet wet in raiding. We fought our way through the initial, interesting trash in there and got to Halfus with a medium intensity set of drakes up. He kicked our ass as we experimented with the fight and how to best handle the drakes and manage the abilities. We got a little more geared and came back better prepared but he still got the better of us. Then, we decided to focus on some BWD bosses instead while finding out that the drake combos for 2 weeks were incredibly bad (mortal strike+attack speed).

On Weds night of this week, we brought a group in there to try and work on him again. The drake combo was a fairly good one and we already had solid knowledge of him from prior attempts. A big challenge was deciding on what drake to pop first and should we have multiple ones up at the same time. Previously, we'd always had the whelps which meant we popped a drake and the whelps at once. We decided on 1 drake at a time and it went well. Picking the attack speed drake first was a bad idea as the shadow novas were too much to deal with. We switched to that drake first and things got a lot better. Eventually, the order we chose was the shadow nova and then the visible fireballs. Towards the end of the night, after trash repops, we really hit a solid stride but had to call it due to lateness.

Thursday night a retooled group went back in counting on the fact that he would die quickly and we'd move on. Sure enough, it only took us 2-3 tries and Halfus was dead. With the off tank on Thursday night taking damage a bit better than the previous OT, he was relatively easy despite a missed shadow nova or 2. We packed the bus up and rolled over to BWD where we one shot Wipe-A-Tron and put more time in on Maloriak. We ended the night with a 2% wipe on him. He is expected to be dead on Sunday night adding to our 1/5 TwiBas, 2/6 BWD standing.
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