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  Posted  October 16, 2010  by 

From back in the day when ICC was new, this guy was the original hurdle. As time went by, we progressed to the point where Saurfang was nothing but a speed bump in the road. Killing him pretty much 99% of the time without a mark going out.

On the night after the patch, we got to him and was stuck in combat due to some weird bug Poca caused. We were unable to take it off heroic from lootship so we decided to fight him and try to reset things. Amazingly, things had a large glimmer of hope. We did very well against him minus Steve dying early and his blood power going up exponentially due to me tanking with the debuff on. After we reset walking off to the boat, we got Poca up to us and started again. Despite a good amount of caution in approaching this, it was very easy.

A light combination of me tanking at least one of the beasts for a few moments with the push back from some boombie typhoons, the fight went very well. It went well enough that you'd think it was our 5th time killing him on heroic, not our first. The straight up extra DPS from this 4.01 patch made it completely possible to add another token boss for us.
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