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  Anub burrows no more-TOGC 10 -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 13, 2010  by 

Well . . FINALLY. We've put quite a bit of effort into this guy. We've worked on him in heroic mode on and off for months. A group of us went in there last week and stopped on Twins. We had a horrible setup on the PVP bosses. It took me dumping my tank for my pally mostly just to keep the warlock puppy feared. The stupid thing kept interrupting our healers making it a complete nightmare. We dusted off that ID tonight.

We one shotted the Twins which was to be expected. We dropped down to Anub's area and all had the collective ass pucker. The group had issues with the kiting phase. Sometimes Anub chose new targets if somebody kited for awhile, sometimes he didn't which resulted in a lot of epic scares. After quite a few times of realizing this was going to continue, we changed up where he burrowed and how we handled the kiting phase. The DPS was strong enough to generally put Anub into the ground around 52-55%. This enabled us to drop a few more spheres since he was only going down one time.

After getting him to 4% twice and 9%, we tried again and finally got him. Heals maintained everybody perfectly and he died with the DPS maintaining a steady pace on him. Even though the heroic loot table isn't that amazing to our mains now, it was still satisfying to finally kill him. If we can marry our typical TOGC runs where we get down to him with 40-45 attempts left along with killing him, we'll be set for some solid achievements.
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