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  One dead Barneyasaurus Rex-check -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  July 7, 2010  by 

Finally, after all the hubbub on patch night when we didn't have Hallion available. After all the complaining and screaming when he was patched into servers on a night when the majority of servers were down (including ours), Hallion is finally dead.

This purpley-pink drake hides himself in the middle of the Ruby sanctum until you beat all his little cronies first. This messed up many people when the first went in there and thought he wasn't live yet. We first attempted him on 25. We got to him but we weren't SUPER familiar with what would happen so he did manage to smoosh us quite a bit. The trash in RS was extremely annoying with large knockbacks and large amounts of mobs in the pulls. His sub-bosses weren't too bad but each presented an medium sized annoyance especially the last one with the aggro wipe on fear.

Doing it on 10 man showed us a few things that we hope we see in future 25 man attempts (not switching targets on the fear would be nice). We spent a few nights trying him on 10 man and discovered the fight isn't hard if every puts away their tard helmets for the night. It's a fight all about doing the proper dance steps and not killing other people or yourself. Sure, there likely will continue to be hilarity like people exploding in the middle of the raid, people black hole shadow sucking others into the twilight cutter (or CUTTAH as Lep would say). Overall, it seems this guy should be highly repeatable at least on 10 man. 25 might take a higher dosage of smart pills for the night but it's really not so terrible if people just know what they need to do to survive.
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