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  Another 25 man boss down -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 3, 2010  by 

So this week has been a real solid week for raiding. First, on Tuesday, Ache led a 10 man past all the bosses we've currently killed. All 8 10 man bosses died which is quite a solid feat to have that speed. Then on Thursday, the 25 man group went and killed Fester again and managed to nab our first kill of Rotface. Already happy with that progression, we went back in tonight and killed the poofy, twilight princes on only our second attempt on him ever.

The first attempt went pretty well but we wiped on a spot typical of our old 10 man wipes. I think a beach ball dropped and managed to slam the raid pretty hard. After that, Stoner bit it which let the crazy empowered shadow guy loose on the raid. On the next attempt, we had a great mix of DPS and heals to keep the raid alive without the DPS suffering. Before we knew it, the shared boss pool was down around 50%. We waited until it switched to Taladram and we blood lusted. The blood pool shrank fast and it switched back to Valanar. After one empowered shock, we had more than enough time to finish him off and collect our first 25 man Princes kill. After that, we went and worked on the Blood Queen and managed to get her to about 30 something percent before we had to call it a night. Truly and excellent raiding week for 10 and 25 ICC.
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