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  10 man ToC completed -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 14, 2009  by 

We used tonight to go ahead and resume work on the Twins. They were an easy enough fight conceptually but we seemed to have some issues with them when we fought the duo on the first night. We may have just been too high from beating the faction champs which we really weren't too sure what was going to work. Now that we got past the 10 man champs once, we need to figure out the 25 man version (we did manage to kill one of the champs in 25 which was more solid than the 10 man attempts prior to the kill).

The first attempt went well but we still had issues with the shield. The next attempt was going much better as we were lucky enough to have 2 AOEs in a row which allowed us to drop them to about 50%. Finally we got a minor tweak in the strat and we had them to about 20%. They managed to get off one heal which pushed them back up into the low 40% range but we just whittled them down again and destroyed their shared health pool. It really is as easy of a fight as it looks on paper. I think one issue though is healers scrambling for a portal while still maintaining heals on their targets.

After killing the twins, we were faced with the last boss of ToC. There's a smattering of info out there on Anub but not quite as much as others. We got the jist of it easy enough. It's kinda like the big beetle from Naxx and his cousin in AN. We did very well on our first attempt and got him to his phase 3 mode which really caught us by surprise and a painful one at that. His massive AOE/health leech caught the healers off guard. After another botched attempt, we got him low again and we're ready for his phase 3 this time. We didn't execute perfectly as we went into the phase with an add up but with 2 priests and my pally spamming massive heals like mana didn't exist, we killed him on our 3rd shot. If we can keep up the good work on the champs, I'd consider ToC now a fast and easy weekly farm.
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