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  Who says NERV can't PVP? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 10, 2009  by 

Lemme explain . . no lemme sum up. I honestly just didn't know what we'd ever do that would get us past "the PVP boss" aka the Faction Champs. It seemed simple enough when you watched the videos. Kill this blahblahblah. Kite that blahblahblah. Stun this, move that, crowd control this. There is no true written strat for it because you never know what you're going to face. As for the videos, they were all well and good but something was getting really lost in translation or at least execution.

We went into ToC last night and it was my intent to kill the beasts and Jaraxxus and get on over to Uld. That plan was shot right out the window as we had massive issues with the beast bosses that cost a lot of time. It was just coming from every angle. Worm spitting, instagibbing bombs, yeti charging that was one shotting healers . . it was a pinata of failures. I switched to my pally to help heal in frustration and we got past the beasts. A tank had to go so my pally switched to tanking and we added a DPS. Jaraxxus died quickly which was a breath of fresh air.

At this point, it looked like it was a little too late to switch to Uld. So with much apprehension we dropped the faction champs in to see what we had. We pulled 2 healers again in the pally and priest but we had no resto druid this time. We pulled the moonkin, mage, rogue and shammy also. Our group had dropped to two healers at this point so while we were happy we didn't get the stupid tree, we were still concerned. The tennis match of ideas began yet again. We tried the pally first . . no go. Tried the rogue first . . no go. Things looked a lot better though as we lasted WAY longer than previous attempts and our primary targets were nearly dead each time. This boosted our morale quite a bit. We swung back over to killing a healer first and this time, things lined up. Our initial blast of crowd control was great and with the bloodlust, we started slamming that priest. He was kept out of the game with stun rotations called out cleanly on vent and the pally couldn't keep up. The priest died which was a happy landmark in and of itself and then the house of cards just crumbled for the champs.

It sorta felt like being on the opposite end of a wipe. We've all lived through boss fights where things begin to domino badly. Boss takes out 1-2 people and the rest of the group struggles which makes us easier to kill .. harder struggles . . etc. Once one of the healers was dead, we blasted the rogue, went back to their last healer and the rest was just academic. We may not have found a permanent method in the PVP boss madness yet but this victory goes a long way to putting this fight on farm and we can now work on the twin bitches.
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