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  New 10 man bosses give up the loot -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 12, 2009  by 

Last night, an organized group went into the new 10 man Trial of the Crusader instance and finished off the night killing both of the available bosses at this point in time. Eventually, more bosses will be added to this arena as the weeks go by.

The first week this raid was out, 2 groups went in and explored the first fight, the Beast of Northrend. Both groups did not meet with success even though the second one was a little more organized. The groundwork was down from those 2 groups and it helped tremendously for the Beasts fight. Once we cleared that 3 pack, we were stark naked for the second fight-Lord Jaraxxus.

After making a small change to the makeup of the group, we were able to better handle the Jaraxxus fight. Adding in another class that could help aggro the crazy infernals from the volcano made a huge difference. The healers made it through the fight alive and we were able to kill him easily.
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