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  Posted  July 2, 2009  by 

So this week saw some great progress as it was our first week of dedicating ourselves to real 25 man Uld work. We sort of had that slow, meandering, touristy kind of approach before but this week was all about work.

The first night in saw us taking care of FL+1 again, Razor (4% off of quick shave) and XT without any issues. Ignis still fired up the heartburn but we left him alone in favor of Kologarn work. The call paid off as we downed him for the first time this week and unlocked the rest of the basement. Things were just about going to hell when somebody noticed the arm we don't kill was just about dead. DPS made a quick shift to it and destroying it chunked the Disney boss' health and he dropped on the spot.

From there we moved onto IC and tried them for a bit. It was funny because I kept calling it a one shot even though we wiped a few times. The early wipes were so fast, they didn't seem like attempts. One small change made all the difference and it was like a different boss. It became identical to how we handle them on 10 man.

The next night we tried Ignis again a few different ways and still don't like him much. The standard method doesn't fit us but things have to be perfect for the way we do it. We may have a compromise method. Since Iggy was still a pain, we moved onto Auriaya. She's the one boss you'd almost rather not kill so you don't have to hear the blood curdling scream.

Sadly for her, kill her we did. We knocked the dander off that pu . . her kitties and then just worked her down like the 10 man version. Once we made sure all people with interrupts could avoid the fears and kick her shadow blasts, we were on cruise control. We attempted Hodir but we need more work to ensure we beat the enrage timer. It's close and I believe we'll have all keepers down by next week minus Mim.
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